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Friday, May 08, 2009

Sports Carnival 2009

Hey guys, my blog is activated now! due to my fellow new frens, im inspired to start blogging again. Don't worry, there will be mny photos attached to this post and it's not going to be a boring post.

Sunway's Sports Carnival 2009 was held on 25th of April to 1st of May. i took part in the badminton tournament as that's my favorite sport. the competition was held on 1st of May. before that, we went through lots of training session to brush up our skills which had deterioted with time. although my team was eliminated before qualifying into semifinal, i appreciate the determination of my team players and the support of all my frens ^^ they are indeed the best among all the teams. we were just lack of luck =.= hahaha xD jkjk, losers owez gv excuses!

During the period of selection and training, i met lots of frens, comprising mostly those from January & March 08 intake. at first, i was extremely quiet lo coz i was just a newbie among them. but after a couple of weeks, i was totally dissolved into this group of frens. duno y, i got a feeling that they are as 废 as me. hahaha xD but at the end, i was categorised as 废人 and even ranked no. 1. =.= should'nt talk too much! even more surprising, my new nick has born - wudi =.=

Alright, enjoy the pictures :

Badminton's Gang

so mny medals =.=


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

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Upload your favorite picture and answer the questions below.

Why do you choose this photo?
Without them, there is no DotA in my life ! Friends Forever

When is the last time you ate Pizza?
Duno =.=

The last song you've listened to?
爱炼 by 神木与瞳

Besides your own name, how do you like people to call u?
Whatever they like.

Tag 6 people. The following questions are related to them.
1. David Chen
2. Yeo Li Ceik
3. CC Tang
4. Shan Shan
5. Evie
6. Xiao Ou

Who is No. 1?
My best friend. He is going to further study to US ! Good luck, dude !

No. 3 is having a relationship with?
Sandra aka San-jie.

Say something about No. 5.
MayDay big fan.

How about No. 4?
Sampat but friendly girl ^^

Who is No. 2?
Lao Da.

Say something to No. 6!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finale of the year

"we wish u a Merry X'mas, we wish u a Merry X'mas, we wish u a Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year" as the minute tick away, the finale of 2008 has finally arrived. 4 days to go, when the tick of the clock points at 12 night, "hooray!"... it's time to welcome and celebrate the earliest day of the year. ya. sounds old rite? but fresh, memorable... this is wat we did for the past decade.

time flies. really flies, without waving his hand and saying goodbye to us. 2 february 1990 sounds like yesterday, the 1st day i stepped into Agape kindergarten sounds like hours ago, the 1st day when i stepped into High School Batu Pahat sounds like minutes ago and the day when we entered Sunway University College was a few seconds ago. how do we measure time? ya. profesional has invented general accepted unit of measurement of time. but to me, time should be measured as we grow up. sometimes i think that i have become an adult, but can i afford to live independently? without the aid of parent? can parent's living depends on us? haha. not yet. i m juz a kid. glad to noe that ^^ i m stil young!

am i changing? or have i changed? my name, religion, race and belief will never change but there is a slight change in my appearance la. haha. when i was in the primary school, i used to design my hair in "aeroplane style". lol. so, in wat aspect i have changed?! from a boy who hardly speak to a talkative person. or from a good person to a bad person. at wat degree i have change?! okok! ppl do change with the fade of time, in terms of appearance, maturity, characters, etc. so do i. i m no longer a kid playing bricks, toys and hide n seek. no longer. but now, i am thinking of changes that i have not discovered myself but others pointed out. so wat is it! haih.

HOHO~ 2009 is the most important year. i have to prepare for the A-level examination, to set a new goal to seek for, to make a new year wish, and to plan for my future. Good Luck to me! and for everyone, enjoy the countdown moment on 31.12.2008. don forget to make a wish o~~~